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“True Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.  Yoga is not to be performed, yoga is to be lived…” ~ Aadil Palkhivala.  

Yoga is for everybody, every body.  The body does not need to fit a pose, the pose fits the body.  

The word yoga means to yoke or unite.  Through the postures, breathing and clarity of mind we cultivate health and well-being.  There are many benefits to the regular practice of yoga for the body, as well as emotional and mental health.  Yoga is a tool for life, come and experience the benefits first hand.

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Sound Bath

Sound Bath is a meditation that uses a symphony of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, koshi chimes and ocean drum.  New instruments are always being added to the orchestra.

Find a blissful position and sink into your yoga mat, comforted with cushions and bolsters and feel the vibration and sound through the timber floor of the Total Wellness Co studio. If laying is too hard on your body, you can also absorb the goodness from a comfortable seats to cradle your body and allow you to bliss out.

I will guide you through each of the 7 chakra singing bowls and provide insight into the feeling of each chakra and its purpose. The sounds and vibrations of the bowls are then coupled with the other instruments to create harmony that is relaxing, soothing and healing for the body, mind and soul.  

If you haven’t experienced the magic of a sound bath or know the sense of peace you feel afterwards, message me to book a spot in the next monthly Sound Bath or arrange a group of your friends and make a private booking. 



Reiki is a pure energy healing that can decrease pain and promote healing and can assist with depression, anxiety, grief and aid sleep by clearing stored energy within the physical and emotional bodies.

Reiki is performed with you comfortably laying on a massage table, delicately placing my hands on or slightly above the body. Unlike massage, there is no need to remove any clothing.  

Reiki is life force universal energy. 

Each Reiki sessions is tailored to your preference of sounds and aromatherapy.

Most people report feeling the positive sensation of the energy flowing throughout their body – everybody feels relaxed, rejuvenated and more positively balanced.

Reiki is not religious or affiliated with any sect.

Tarnya is trained and insured in the original 7 Level Usui System of Universal Energy Usui Shiki Ryoho.


Women's Wellness Circle

Women’s circles are an ancient ritual embodying the simplicity of sitting in a circle, nurturing, nourishing, listening, observing, supporting, accepting, inclusion, being heard and a place to be your absolute authentic self.

Each quarter Total Wellness Co hosts a Women’s Wellness Circle with a different theme, incorporating activities to honour and enhance the qualities of a modern day woman, the authentic you within.  The circle is a safe space to be authentic, without judgement and feel supported.  There is no expectation for you to share or step out of your comfort zone, wherever you are is perfect. Together we rise.

Women's Circles

Total Wellness Co Studio

Sound bath

Sound Baths

Eight Chakra crystal singing bowls for exquisite sound and vibration, transporting you to another place.

Workshop Ivy

Country gardens & tranquil views

A space for connection with nature, listen to the birds as you laze in the sunshine.


Rustic Timber

Timber doors that hold the history of the nearby township are a statement for the entry into the studio sanctuary.

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