The value lies not in the quantity of time but in the quality of time. 

Find your quality in the space at Total Wellness Co

Group Yoga Session

Price: Varied (see link below to Momoyoga for details)
Duration: 60 or 90 minute sessions

Yoga is for everybody, let me say that again EVERY BODY! You don't need to be flexible, a certain age, gender or any of the other stereotypes you might have in mind.

Each session explores asana (the physical postures), pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), meditation and savasana which is the deep rest at the end of the session. This deep rest allows our body and mind to integrate our practice and allows us a few minutes of bliss and peace that we can take with us into our daily lives.

View session times and further information via the Momoyoga link below.

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Registration and enrolment form can be found here.  Please complete online or come along a few minutes early to complete in the studio.

Group Meditation Session

Price: Casual session $15 or 5 prepaid meditation sessions $50
Duration: 1 hour (plus herbal tea and chat afterwards)

A variety of guided meditation, walking or moving meditation (generally inside the studio) and mantra meditation.

Whether you are just commencing your practice, building up your mind muscle or looking for a safe and comfortable space to share and be supported, this is your place and everyone is always welcome by our amazing Total Wellness Co Community.

Meditation is followed by a herbal tea and a chat for anyone who can spare the time.
Booking is essential to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.
Mats, pillows and bolsters are available or please bring your own. Chairs are also available.

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Monthly Total Wellness Sound Bath

Price: $20 per person (public session)
Duration: 1 hour

Be immersed in the soothing and healing sounds and frequency of the 7 chakra crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, tuning forks & ocean drum designed to elevate your Total Wellness.

Scheduled once a month and everyone is welcomed by our Total Wellness Co community.

Sound bath

One on One Yoga or Meditation

Price: varied
Duration: varied

Yoga or Meditation tailored to support your current needs.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Restorative Pose

Soul Wellness Session

Price: $150
Duration: 2 hours

Balance, restore and focus your Total Wellness through this one on one Reiki, meditation, journaling, sound bath and card reading session. Let's create some magic.

Card reading

Oracle Card Reading

Price: $60
Duration: 30 minutes

Oracle Card Reading with guidance from the angels and possibly some messages from those watching over you. Longer duration readings available on request.


Session crafted for you - mobile services

Duration: varied

Would you like a special session crafted for you, your tribe or a corporate event?
Everything from hen’s day, morning of your wedding, baby shower, special birthday
celebration, corporate event or workshop.

Please contact me to discuss a range of sessions that can include one or more of
the following: yoga, meditation, reiki alignment, sound bath, journaling and reading.

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Total Wellness Sound Bath - Private Group

Price: $25 per person (group 8+ people)
Duration: 1 hour

Be immersed in the soothing and healing sounds and frequency of the 7 Chakra crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, tuning forks & ocean drum designed to elevate your Total Wellness.

Please contact us for more information such as pricing or to arrange a group booking.


Women's Wellness Circles

Price: varied
Duration: approximately 2 hours

Each quarter Total Wellness Co hosts a Womens' Wellness Circle with a different theme, incorporating activities to honour and enhance the qualities of a modern day woman, the authentic you within. The circle is a safe space to be authentic without judgement and a place to feel supported. There is no expectation for you to share or step out of your comfort zone, wherever you are is perfect.

Do you want to know more about Women's Wellness Circles, check out the Information tab for more details about what to expect.

Women's Circles

45 minute Reiki Recharge

Price: $55 per session
Duration: 45 minutes

Relax & unwind, allow yourself to recharge during this 45 minute session with your choice of music and aromatherapy. Recommended as an express session, as a top up.


One Hour Reiki Recharge

Price: $70 per session
Duration: 1 hour

Let your stress and tension melt away and restore total balance during this 60 minutes session, tailored with your preference of music and aromatherapy.

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Bliss Session

Price: $90
Duration: 1 hour & 15 minutes

A one hour Reiki session & a meditation session written for you, to specifically compliment your current goals & aims to restore or enhance your bliss.

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Girls Day Out

Price: $50 per person (minimum of 4 people)
Duration: approximately 2 hours

Get your girl tribe together and chill in the studio with meditation, journaling, delicious morning/afternoon tea, reiki alignment, short card reading & lots of laughs.
This is the perfect session for a birthday celebration, hens day or just because!

Girls Day Out

Couples Total Wellness

Price: $120
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Melt into this session - unite, recharge & renew together with sound bath, reiki alignment, love letters and meditation written to inspire and enhance the love you share 

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Children's Group Meditation - by arrangement

Children's Monthly Meditation is suitable for ages 5 - 16 years. Each session has a variety of guided meditation, walking meditation (generally inside the studio) and affirmation or mantras which aim to keep the focus of developing minds, nurture mindfulness and assist with identifying and coping with feelings and daily challenges.

This is a safe space for children to experience and practice meditation and build on their practice to bring skills into their everyday lives.

One parent is requested to stay with your child/children.
Mats, pillows and bolsters are available or please bring your own or any comfort items for your child.

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